Target audience

The IT and Cybersecurity day is designed for board members and senior management, IT managers, risk, governance and compliance managers, their supporting team members. CFO's, or management and individuals interested in updating their IT and Cybersecurity risk management knowledge are also welcome. The IT and Cybersecurity day is also suitable for board members who would like to gain knowledge on their current IT and Cybersecurity issues and get inspiration for a program with new tools and techniques to support the upgrade.


The IT and Cybersecurity will take place at DTU, Science and Technology Park, Diplomvej 381, DK-2800 Lyngby.


3.900,00 DKK ex. VAT. The price includes a IT and Cybersecurity book and case materials.
You are welcome to participate only for ˝ day, either the IT or the Cybersecurity session including a practical workshop/roundtable. Price 1900,00 DKK.
The proper corporate response to the Cybersecurity threats has become involved, complex and urgent. However, contrary to other business areas the regulatory guidelines on IT/Cyber Security processes and issues are rather vague.

Regardless of trade, size and nature of your business, managing an organisation or a business involves focus on IT and Cyber Security risks. An effective enterprise wide IT and Cyber Security risk management program has the right structure, roadmap and framework to address the impact on the organisation's success and performance of the risk environment.

This one day combines course, seminar and workshop introduces and updates the Enterprise IT and Cyber Security Risks with principles, processes and tools to achieve implement or update an effective IT and Cyber Security practice.

The IT Security and Cyber Security day will combine the practical experiences with a customised IT and Cyber Security roadmap and frameworks developed by Copenhagen Compliance®. The IT and Cyber Security risk assessment tool provides a practical and flexible approach to take into consideration IT and Cyber Security strategies, appetite, for businesses of different sizes and the levels of IT and Cyber Security risk maturity.

Roles and Responsibilities: The board of directors must be informed of the general IT risks and challenges and ensures that policies to be in place. Management must be aware of the IT and Cyber Security risks and monitor the changing policies in the IT and cyber security area. All managers and employees must ensure that updated knowledge and technology corresponding to the latest developments is in place across the organisation. Management is accountable for the existence of IT & Cyber Security principle, policies and procedures. Outsourcing contracts must live up to minimum requirements of securing that internal policies are extended to the outsourcing relationship and that controls of the relationship is in place.

The IT and Cybersecurity Day looks at some fundamentals:
  • What is Cybersecurity?
  • How can an organisation evaluate threats, prioritise and invest in the proper activities?
  • How to document the approach to document and provide evidence that the board and management has lived up to its legal and regulatory responsibilities?

During the day, we also address the details & discuss how to address the challenges, practicality and changing circumstances - the IT threat scenarios.
  • Different approach towards planning, prioritisation and managing IT & Cybersecurity activities.
  • Implementing a Risk-based approach to IT & Cybersecurity.
  • How should you react when a security incident hits your business? The communication dilemma (brand/company image versus internal and external awareness).
  • Documentation & Audit trails.
The participants will be acquainted with the methodology from some of the biggest organisations in Denmark. Independent experts will inspire and the presentations include best-practice from the IT-Security industry. You will get a chance to see how the challenge can be turned into opportunities or where synergy exists with other areas of regulatory compliance.

General Course Content

  • Defining a IT and Cybersecurity strategy as a foundation for effective management
  • A practical guide to identification, communication and assessment of IT and Cybersecurity activities and processes
  • Principles to ensure effective management of critical Cybersecurity risks
  • The governance Cybersecurity; including policies, processes, forums and oversight
  • IT and Cybersecurity data for better decision-making and business performance

Specific Course Content (learn from each other)

  • Practical measuring, manage and monitoring of a risk model for likelihood/ impact assessment
  • Cybersecurity trends and the evolution of IT and Cybersecurity risks
  • How to build an efficient IT and Cybersecurity conduct and mentality
  • Monitoring Cybersecurity by analysing the results based on challenges and best practices
  • Third-party and counterparty IT and Cybersecurity risks

After the course, participants will receive knowledge and inspiration be able to:

  • Building an active IT and Cybersecurity culture and monitoring approach
  • Understand the essential elements of a sustainable IT and Cybersecurity roadmap and framework
  • Identify relevant IT and Cybersecurity risks and how to monitor and manage them
  • Analyse the challenge of IT and Cybersecurity and information
  • Apply updated techniques and tools as part of practical management ofIT and Cybersecurity
  • Effectively balance governance and compliance against IT and Cybersecurity management

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