June 3rd 2015, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Copenhagen Compliance and Basico host the event.

Target audience

The risk day is designed for risk, governance and compliance managers, their supporting team members, CFO’s, management and individuals interested in updating their risk management knowledge. The risk day is also suitable for board members who would like to gain knowledge on their current (enterprise) risk management program and new tools and techniques to support the upgrade.


The Risk day will take place at DTU, Science and Technology Park, Diplomvej 381, 2800 Lyngby. A detailed program will be available beginning of May 2015.


4.500 DKK ex. VAT. The price includes a risk management book and case materials.
You are welcome to participate for ½ of The Risk Day that includes a presentation of The Risk Management at A.P.Møller-Mærsk, Novozymes and a practical workshop based on The Risk Management Program at A.P.Møller-Mærsk. Price 1900,00 DKK.
The new world's corporate order calls for continuous risk management improvements. During the Risk Day, we will discuss how to enhance your skills to reassess your approach to risk management.
  • How to achieve an appropriate balance between innovation and risk
  • How to protect your company from the consequences of unexpected events
We examine the latest research and best practices; In addition to learning how to measure and monitor the company's risk levels we will go thru the procedure on;
  • How to manage threats from uncontrollable external events
  • How to respond to reputational and brand risks

In addition, you will learn how to turn risks into opportunities by building processes that anticipate, prioritize, and mitigate threats to the enterprise.

The risk day uses a mix of presentations and practical breakout exercises. As part of the program, the participants will be encouraged electronically to submit a brief maturity risk management self-assessment before the Risk Day. At the Risk Day, an analysis of all the received self-assessments will be benchmarked against best practice and discussed during sessions. All individual submitted self-assessments will be kept confidential. However, each participant will be able to benchmark own self-assessment against all self-assessments received and other relevant parameters.

Regardless of trade, size and nature of your business, managing an organisation or a business involves taking risks. An effective enterprise risk management program has the right structure, roadmap and framework to have a significant impact on the organisation's success and performance of the risk environment.

This one day course introduces and updates the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) with a framework and a tool to achieve the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) strategies and goals. The individual topics cover the benefits of formalising risk management, principles, processes to implement or update an effective ERM practice.

The ERM day will combine the practical experiences with a customised ERM roadmap and frameworks developed by Copenhagen Compliance®. The risk assessment tool provides a practical and flexible approach to ERM that takes into consideration risk strategies, appetite, for businesses of different sizes and the level of risk maturity.

General Course Content

  • Defining risk strategy and appetite as a basis for effective ERM
  • A practical guide to risk identification, communication and assessment
  • Principles to ensure effective management of key risks
  • The governance of ERM; including policies, processes, forums and oversight
  • ERM as a tool enabling better decision-making and business performance

Specific Course Content (learn from each other)

  • Effective measuring, manage and monitoring of a risk model for likelihood/ impact assessment
  • The new or second generation of operational risk
  • How to build an effective risk culture, conduct and risk mentality
  • Stress testing, insights, analysing results, challenges and best practices
  • Third-party and counterparty risks
  • Mitigating cyber crime and risks in the new technological world
  • Liquidity risk management, reporting and monitoring

After the course participants will receive knowledge and inspiration be able to:

  • Building an effective risk culture and risk mentality
  • Understand the essential elements of a sustainable ERM roadmap and framework
  • Effectively identify relevant risks and how to monitor and manage them
  • Analyse the challenge of risk data and information
  • Apply updated techniques and tools as part of practical management of ERM
  • Effectively balance governance and compliance against risk management

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